Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wasted Corn Muffins

We made corn muffins a couple weeks ago, and all but the last one were eaten pretty quickly. Then, a couple days ago, I made another batch. Only three of the twelve have been eaten so far. What gives? Don't you guys like corn muffins anymore? Bah!

And now for something completely different: this morning's links.

Gas Buddy
In case you don't know about this site yet, it lets you search by zip code for the cheapest gas in the area.
"They Have Ears, But They Hear Not"
A Language Log post ranting (just a little ;)) about how everyone thinks they're an expert on language just because they speak one.
Job Graph Application
Generates graphs of jobs by skill and/or region. Try "Entry Level" and "No. California." What the heck happened in late February that scared off all the entry level positions, and why did they spike in California over the same period?
How to make chai in a chai-challenged office.
An Indian employee's recipe on how to make chai with only the ingredients found in, say, a Microsoft kitchen. Opininated and amusing.