Sunday, January 15, 2006

Classes and Jujitsu

This quarter is going to be very busy for me. I'm taking 20 units, mostly because I'm insane: Introduction to Computer Organization (CSC x225), Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 402), History of World Architecture (Middle Ages to the 18th Century) (ARCH 218), Chicano Non-Fiction Literature (ES 300), and Historical Lingusitics (ENGL 400). My taking CSC x225 is amusing because I've already taken all the classes that require it as a prereq: Algorithms, Operating Systems, Compilers I and II, System Programming... Oh well, graduation requirements is graduation requirements. I'm in SPAN 402 with Credit/No-Credit grading, mostly just to keep up on my Spanish (the class is conducted entirely in Spanish). ARCH 218 and ES 300 are GE requirements. ES 300 has soooo much reading... erk. And Historical Linguistics I've set up as an independent study course, to count for my linguistics minor. On top of all that, I'm also taking a ceramics class at the craft center on Mondays and women's jujitsu on the weekends. Hopefully I won't kill myself this quarter! :P

I had my first jujitsu class yesterday. Man, am I sore today. But that's what I get for being inactive and then going to a martial arts class, eh? Because the class is specifically for women, there are no men in the class and the instructor focuses on how to win a fight where the opponent is bigger and stronger. It was a fun first day, and I had planned on going to practice today, but I'm just way too sore. Heh.

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Lisa R said...

Bad Catherine. You should go, even if you are sore! You'll be sore in the beginning, then your muscles will warm up and you'll be fine!

...until the class is over, anyway. Hehe.