Monday, January 30, 2006

Second Day of Ceramics

Today in ceramics class, we learned how to make bowls (instead of just cylinders). I still need practice with raising the body of the clay shapes, but that's what these classes are for, eh?

It's not quite as symmetrical as I'd have liked, but it's okay.

So after I had this first attempt at a bowl, I got a half-sized lump of clay to try doing a smaller bowl. The first one tore apart — not centered properly, I think. The second one worked out.

I sliced this bowl in half when I was done throwing it. The idea is to add an S-curve wall to the open sides of each half-bowl, and half the two resulting bowls fit together. We'll see how well that actually goes in practice, of course.

Sort of a ying-yang design is what I'll be going for. But, of course, if something gets messed up between now and then, I'll have to be creative. It's sorta fun, figuring out how to "save" a piece that would otherwise be a complete failure. Like my first two pieces, fr'instance..

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