Saturday, January 21, 2006

Taking Pictures Downtown

Forrest and I went downtown after a failed attempt at going geocaching. (I forgot the keys to my car, which had my GPS unit in it and the sun would have set by the time we could have gotten back to my car.) So we went to two camera stores in town, Jim's Campus Camera and Photography 101. Forrest is getting back into photography, so he's been buying supplies.

Walking between stores, I felt like taking some photos. All I have is a "lousy" (according to elitist manual-cameraist Forrest ;)) digital camera, but that doesn't mean I can't try to have more interesting compositions. So I took a picture of a ficus tree downtown that looked pretty. After some advice from Forrest, I ended up with this picture here.

Then, we saw some weird cubes-as-stairs thing along the side of a building. I wanted to photograph them too, so I took a "normal" shot and then a more "perspectivey" shot. Forrest took one, too.

Finally, I tried to get a picture of these two plants next to a brick wall, but the contrast between the fuzzy plant and the patterned wall didn't turn out like I wanted.



Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Diagonal lines are always more dynamic in a composition, be it photography or, say ... quilting. :-)

My favorite quilt involve diagonal designs ... some of the most BORING quilts I've seen are straight-sets ... horizontal/vertical grids.

Curves are great to have in compositions also, as they have tremendous movement. Terrific optical illusions can be made with curves ... and more mentally interesting, with straight lines only.

I reallyl do like the perspective picture of the cubes-on-the-wall. It could be quilt-worthy. :-)