Saturday, May 13, 2006

Car Vandalism

Forrest and I were about to leave town when I got to my car and saw its mirror was snapped off. From the way it was broken, it had to be intentional. Stupid drunk jerks, I'm sure.

First we duct-taped it on so we could at least drive to Costco for food. My dad called me with instructions on how to remove the whole mirror mounting, so it wouldn't risk more damage on the drive up. One wrench later, the mirror was in my back seat.

I'll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get it fixed. Plans for this weekend include the e-flea, taking Forrest's mom out to sushi, crashing my mom's BBQ, and maybe (but probably not, alas) picking up Forrest's new car.

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staticfoo said...

It looks like someone was trying to fold your mirror the way Forrest sometimes does when walking through a parking lot. Perhaps unintentional (although still annoying) damage?

Arthaey Angosii said...

I'm not sure how paint transfer would have happened unintentionally.

staticfoo said...

If there was paint transfer, wouldn't that suggest another car? If so, I'd certainly hope there wasn't any drunkenness involved.

Arthaey Angosii said...

There was a telephone pole right in front of the passenger side mirror, which was on the sidewalk side of the street. So no, I really don't think it was a car. ;) Anything with paint on it could have transferred paint.

staticfoo said...

That is true. Paint transfer is most commonly associated with cars though, and it's not like you had mentioned that it was parked that way.