Friday, May 26, 2006


I tried and tried to convert my family to the way of RSS feed readers, but they refuse to see the light. (At least Forrest understands what they are and chooses to be backwards. ;)) But I run my own server, so I offered to have it email my mom whenever my blog or Flickr feeds are updated. She checks her email all the time, so it's an acceptable substitute for a feed reader... especially if my two feeds would be the only ones she'd read anyhow.

Aaron Swartz's rss2email is a Python script that does exactly what I want. I've set it to run once an hour, so I no longer have to call up my mom and quiz her on whether she's seen my latest posting. Happy happy, joy joy.

Just thought I'd point out this utility, in case anyone else needed a means of dragging their loved ones into the Web2.0, aka that thar intarweb. (Anyone know the origin of that phrase, by the way?)

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