Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blog Update Progress, Part 2

Per some design discussions with Forrest, I have an updated to-do list for finishing up my blog layout update:

  1. make comments appear above post footer
  2. remove dashed borders around posts
  3. re-color comment and profile icons
  4. do something about the Friends sidebar having so much empty space
  5. do something with footer
  6. update all labels :( . Useful links: [1], [2], [3]
  7. re-do peek-a-boo comments, like how they were pre-redesign
  8. hide permalink-link on post page

Update, 10:15 PM:

  1. look into the anchor scrolling issue
  2. re-do highlighting of my own comments, like how they were pre-redesign
  3. add « and » to the "Newer posts" and "Older posts" links
  4. pull user icons onto peek-a-boo comments, like how they are on the "post a comment" page

Update, August 2, 11:14 AM:

  1. replace? add? calendar view of archive [4]
  2. make a hierarchical label display [5]

The above items will be strike-through'd (struck-through?) as they are completed.


Forrest said...

[18:13:44] FoCSCMan: i've got an issue with your blog
[18:13:55] FoCSCMan:
[18:14:08] FoCSCMan: reload the page, and while it's loading scroll up
[18:14:16] FoCSCMan: the scrolling is reset when the comments load
[18:14:19] FoCSCMan: is kinda annoying
[18:14:41] Arthaey: can you put that in a comment on my lastest post? I'm too busy with work right to deal with this
[18:15:08] FoCSCMan: don't you have aim logs for that?
[18:17:01] Arthaey: I'll forget to look on my work laptop computer for things to fix on my blog, when I'm using that latest blog post to track things to fix
[18:17:08] FoCSCMan: hmmmm

Kris Kowal said...

Definitely "struck through".

Lisa R said...

As you update your labels/tags, you'll drive bloglines batty. :(

Arthaey Angosii said...

@Giynlith: Actually, I think the spammage of Bloglines was from me changing some settings on the Feedburner feed. Sorry 'bout that!

Lisa R said...

I like that purplemonkey calendar! Maybe I'll get around to adding it, too. :)