Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where's Forrest?

Because Forrest is still finishing up his degree in SLO, we're currently doing the long-distance relationship thing. Not ideal, but it's for a finite amount of time, and we're coping.

One of the ways in which we cope is to chat on the phone, generally at least twice a day. We may or may not both have free time during the middle of day during the work week to chat, but whoever goes to bed first always calls the other one to chat and say goodnight.

That's my routine. My routine is unsettled right now because I want to go to bed, but Forrest isn't answering his new cell phone. That's okay, though; his new cell phone has horrible battery life, so maybe it's dead. But he's not answering his old cell phone, either. That's okay, too; maybe he doesn't carry both on him at the same time. But he's not answering the apartment landline either. That's starting to worry me, since most of our friends have graduated and moved away, so he's not out late much anymore.

So where is he? I don't expect the blogosphere to answer me before I find out. I'm just worrying (now I understand why my mom hates getting late-night calls, since that "must" mean bad news) and I need somewhere to talk to, since there's no someone to talk to right now. :(

Update, 4:30 AM: I finally got a call back from Forrest! Here's the start of our conversation... Me: "I've been trying to call you since midnight." Forrest: "I've been asleep since midnight." Me: "Oh."

Heh. Forrest apparently went to bed just before I got home from watching Moulin Rouge, which explains why he wasn't answering any of the phones. I'm shocked he managed to sleep through 4 hours of phone-ringing, but he's got amazing Powers of Sleep. So I explained sheepishly that I was starting to worry, I apologized for waking him up, and I let him go back to sleep. Oops! But at least everything's okay.