Sunday, August 5, 2007

Outdoor Movies are Cool

Last night I went to see The Princess Bride at the Mural Amphitheater (at the Seattle Center). It was a fun crowd to watch that movie with — lots of cheering and booing. I had too much cotton candy and felt a little sick to my stomach afterwards, but otherwise good times. :)

Tonight I went to the Fremont Outdoor Cinema to watch Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie, so I was really happy to be seeing it in such an unusual setting. I invited Josh to come along, and his roommate (Phil), roommate's girlfriend (Mary), roommate's other friend (Ginger), roommate's sister (Ivona), and roommate's mother (?) all came along, too. (Wow, I think I actually remembered all the names I was told tonight!) It was nice meeting some more people, and again the crowd was great.

Pre-movie, the Jet City Improv group (who hosted the event) lead some Moulin Rouge trivia, a paper airplane contest (which Phil failed miserably at, apparently just like the last time he entered such a competition), a dance competition, a complete-the-lyrics competition, and a feather boa caterpillar raffle (which, sadly, I did not win). I'd definitely like to attend these sorts of events in the future.

Before the movie tonight, I was killing time in Fremont, reading The Best American Science Writing, 2006 that I bought from Fremont Place Books. Interesting, educational, and enjoyable writing — good stuff. If you're looking for a random book to read, here ya go. :)