Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Job Offer!

This time around, I was unemployed for only a little over 2 weeks. Booyah! I haven't officially accepted the offer yet because I haven't officially received all the numbers in writing. But I expect everything will look reasonable and I'll have a shiny new job ASAP. :D

That's all for today's blog post!


...with whom, you ask? Oh, right. Good question. ;) The company's called Jambool, located in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Their primary product is Social Gold, which is a payments platform that game developers can use for virtual currencies used in-game, bought with real money. Many of their merchant-clients are Facebook games, but they also support other web (and Flash) apps.

Speaking of Facebook... I had noticed while researching the company that their Social Gold app page had horrible reviews. I was really concerned about it, and it was the first question I asked them today during my on-site interview. Their explanation is this: Social Gold is just the payment platform; if the game that uses Social Gold doesn't do the right thing (either through bugs or fraud), then Jambool can't help that. That seems true, on the one hand, although on the other I'd like to see some kind of response to that effect — "Sorry for your bad experience! But you need to contact the game company if they didn't give you the points you bought through us." It's a bad user experience to vent about getting "ripped off" and no one from the company even comments on it.

The second comment Jambool folks had to say about this was that they were looking to hire someone to actually have the time to respond to these comments and concerns. ;) So it's not as great a situation as if they'd never had the bad reviews on the Facebook app page, but neither does Jambool seem to be fraudsters themselves.

Anyhow! I should be getting hard details tomorrow morning, and unless something is really off in the offer, I'll probably be starting work again soon!


smanoli said...

Congrats! I hope all the official stuff lines up.