Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Five Isles

My island nation is becoming less and less Victorian all the time. It was the starting point of how I imagined the setting, but it's becoming its own society. I should probably stop referring to it as "Victorian" in any sense, since at this point the label is more misleading that helpful.

Let me demonstrate with the names of my islands. There are five:

  1. Isle of Esperion
    • people are referred to as Esperi
    • furthest away from the rest of the isles and closest to whale migration paths; only island to have sea-worthy boats (the rest of the isles only sail the shallow water between them)
    • first settled; oldest ruling family but also least powerful; considered more "salt of the earth," at least in comparison with the other noble families
  2. Isle of Cadhemar
    • people are referred to as Cadhemarians
    • abundant bogs (peat for fuel and fertilizer; bog iron) and clay (bricks, ceramics)
    • family has a reputation of being "snooty" compared to the other noble families; Here There Be Grammarians :P
  3. Isle of Veranez
    • people are referred to as Veranese
    • peals (used as currency)
    • the king historically came from this family; especially bitter toward Moreinya's "recent" rise to power
  4. Isle of Azerít
    • people are referred to as Azerians
    • education; this is where the best advisers, economists, administrators, architects, intellectuals, and artists come from
    • second sons often end up here for higher learning then bring knowledge back to their families
    • acute accent mark subject to change
  5. Isle of Moreinya
    • people are referred to as Moreinyans
    • artificial island built over an especially volcanically active region; surplus geothermal energy makes this family very powerful (no pun intendend ;))
    • newest island and youngest noble family to gain control of an "island," such as it is; the king often comes from the Moreinya family


John Cowan said...

Cadhemar sounds suspiciously like a cognate of Cadhinor. Not that Zompist would be likely to mind.