Thursday, August 18, 2011

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  • After a couple hours, we have hashed out our schedules. Too many cool things to see. Why do we need this "5-2-1 rule" again? ;) #RenoSF [ 2:08 AM]
  • So many books in the vendor room! It's like going to a bookstore, except the only genre they carry is sci-fi/fantasy. Awesome! #RenoSF [11:35 AM]
  • Disorganized panelists + stinky foot lady = leaving session early for a Chinese buffet. #RenoSF [12:42 PM]
  • If you want an iced mocha, could you ask for it "one the rocks"? This thought amuses me. [ 1:56 PM]
  • Mira Grant recommends "Evil Dead the Musical" in Martinez. Who's in? #RenoSF #zombies [ 3:25 PM]
  • Moderator totally just snacked down some guy and said his position had no basis and was BS. He's not wrong, but *damn*. Guy left. #RenoSF [ 4:17 PM]
  • I'm standing in a long line to get 2 Tim Powers books signed for @mcpusc. I love him thiiiiiis much: #RenoSF [ 5:02 PM]
  • Feeling better after having slept for a bit, even if it meant I had to miss cool stuff at #RenoSF. [ 7:36 PM]
  • Yo dawg, we like books, so we bought some books at B&N while attending a book-heavy con, so we can have books while we have books. #RenoSF [ 9:58 PM]

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