Friday, August 19, 2011

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  • Walked out of feminist PowerPoint lecture, got warned off bad anthropology panel. Science advisor panel is looking much better. #RenoSF [ 2:19 PM]
  • Michael Cassutt says producers often have to let bad science thru because of time, and they just have to "let the bloggers attack." #RenoSF [ 2:25 PM]
  • John Scalzi: "Don't over-specify [when it's unnecessary]; the choices you make early [in a series] constrain you later." #RenoSF [ 2:30 PM]
  • Audience question about Firefly; reply by Michael Cassutt: "No one screws up a show like Fox… It's like a perfect storm of idiocy." #RenoSF [ 2:33 PM]
  • Audience question about Star Trek science inconsistencies. John Scalzi: "Don't get me started on fucking Star Trek." Hilarious rants #RenoSF [ 2:37 PM]
  • .@AllNiteDinah Completely agreed. But the rant was well worth it: he wished them beatings to death with hammers, whippings & rolled in salt… [ 3:07 PM]
  • Sudden "well duh" realization: if I read short stories, I can explore new genres quickly. A novel* concept! #RenoSF *Heh, no pun intended. [ 3:09 PM]
  • Enjoying a fun dinner at a Basque restaurant with @giynlith, and @mcpusc's dad and brother. #RenoSF [ 9:03 PM]

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