Sunday, August 21, 2011

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What I had to say

  • Maybe this makes me a bad con-goer, but I don't go to after-parties. My introvert self has had plenty of people interaction as it is #RenoSF [ 1:08 AM]
  • Lots of good writing book recommendations and validation that it's okay to be a pantser at the "How I Learned the Craft" panel. #RenoSF [11:58 AM]
  • SM Stirling says spear & chalice has "obvious" symbolism. Tim Powers: "We see that b/c we're living in Freud's nasty bathwater." #RenoSF [ 1:23 PM]
  • Tim Powers has the wh pronunciation. #RenoSF #linguisticsgeek [ 2:04 PM]

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Mariska said...

Wish I could have gone to Renovation. Several of my friends went. Hope you had a good time in Reno.

Arthaey Angosii said...

My sister and I had a great time at WorldCon this year! It will be in Chicago next year. I hope you can make it then. :)