Thursday, November 11, 2004

Meeting & Greeting

— Jhor'aerdilsa t'aet.
— Kre'viken. Jhor'en i t'Arthei.
— T'ves jhor'en i t'Iyimadhi. Vel'geithesa jhurla.
— Daedh vo.


Or, in English:

The phone conversation only works for when the answerer actually does already know the caller. (The answerer calls the caller a "stranger" only because when he first picks up the phone, he doesn't know who it is. Zeijha, jhi jhor'Arthei implies that the answerer recognizes Arthaey.)

But what about if you meet someone you don't know? It would be weird for the conversation to go, "I don't know you." "I'm Arthaey." "Ah yes, so you are." if the first speaker didn't already know Arthaey. So how would that situation actually go?

— You are a stranger.
— No longer: I am Arthaey.
— And I am Iyimadhi. Hello, acquaintance.
— Same to you.