Saturday, August 12, 2006

Book: Chasing Daylight

The past three evenings after work, I've gone to Borders to read the late Eugene O'Kelly's book, Chasing Daylight. This guy was a high-powered CEO who was diagnosed with late-stage brain cancer when he was 53. The book is his memoir of how he spent his last three months, "unwinding" relationships, trying to live fully in the present, and coming to peaceful terms with the sudden change in his life plans.

This guy wasn't a writer until he was dying, so don't look for literary brilliance. His "messages" aren't really too shocking either -- be open to the unexpected surprises that may be hidden "Perfect Moments," remember why you're working so hard to earn money (it's usually not the money per se), spend more time with the people who matter most to you and less time at work with people who are only acquaintances, etc. Still, I found it moving to read something written by a man who knew he was dying as he wrote his memoir. And his points, though obvious, are still valid things to keep in mind after a hectic day in the rat race.

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