Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Almost two months ago, I checked out Nutrition for Life from the library. I realized that I was no longer in the upper range of healthy; I had dipped into the lower range of overweight. My dad has lost a lot of weight this past year via a very simple formula: he expends more calories than he consumes. (It's just like the most important money tip, that you should earn more than you spend.)

So I hunted around for an easy-to-use, free website for tracking weight. I settled on Calorie-Count.com. My daily allotment is only 1225 calories, so now I'm more conscious of making it count. For example, I've gotten better at avoiding snacking on things that don't make me full but are hundreds of calories. Water and gum are my friends. Soup's good, too.

As you can see from this cute little Sparkline graph, weight I was doing pretty well until I went camping at Tahoe with my family. Then I gained back all the weight I'd lost, plus a bit more. :( That's what happens when you have little choice in the food you eat at meals (communal dinners at camping) and you don't yet have a sense for how many calories are in foods. I've since lost that weight again (not eating much on my backpacking trip certainly helped there).

See we'll see if I can get down to a better, more healthy weight this way.

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