Sunday, August 7, 2005

Planes & Food

Yesterday, Forrest and I went to the Museum of Flight, where they have, unsurprisingly, lots of airplanes and such. It was pretty cool. The Blue Angels are also flying over Seattle this weekend, but I've already seen them in SF and Forrest doesn't want to wake up early enough to go see them, so I'll catch 'em some other time. They'll be in California during October, if I really want to go. Probably won't, though.

After the musuem (at which we got to wander through a retired Concorde), we went hunting down some place to eat dinner in Seattle. We parked in a parking garage that had floors lettered (rather than number) from A through P! The nearest restaurants were Benihana and another expensive Italian place, so we kept walking. We passed by Seattle's central library, a very unusual building. It had a small sign on its grounds stating that all its landscaping plants are watered with rain runoff from the building. Cool, eh?

Anyhow, we kept wandering, looking for some restaurant whose dinners weren't over $20. We are still starving college students, after all. We finally ended up at the Rock Bottom restaurant and brewery. This place's food was excellent*, especially the Asiago cheese dip. After we ran out of the (very tasty) bread to dip in the cheese dip, Forrest cleaned out the remaining dip with a fork. :) They have locations in Bellevue (the city next door to Redmond) and Campbell (near San Jose), so I may be going there again at least one more time this summer. Tim & Aaron: They have three locations in SoCal, if you're looking for a restaurant to go to.

In unrelated bloggy news: You can now also get to this blog via, although it just redirects here. And I added two backdated posts, about the singular of "biscotti" and Windows version names, in case you read this blog the old-fashioned way (i.e., not with RSS feeds) and may not have noticed them.

* OMG, I sound like my mother! Eep! ;)

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Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

"* OMG, I sound like my mother! Eep! ;) "

and the downside of this is ..... ? :-) After all, you COULD sound like Yo' Daddy.