Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Server Down; Blog Ugliness

My server is offline — we think Comcast might have cut internet 'cause of it — but I would have needed to take it down within days anyhow for the drive back to California. This means that the CSS styles used to prettify this blog are unavailable. But at least my blog is readable without CSS, which is more than some trendy CSS-heavy sites can claim. :P

Update, 3:18 PM: I'll be copying the CSS to Blogger when I get home from work and have physical access to my server. Then my blog will return to its usual beauty.

Until I get my server back up and running some time mid to late September, my site will be completely down. (Unless Jerry can host it again, which would be cool. We'll see if that works out.) Blogspot hosts this blog minus the styles, though, so this'll remain available at (though not, since that requires my server to be running).

It'll be nice to have my server settled down again... Traffic to my site has definitely been hurt by the two relocations and downtimes.

Update, 9/9 10:04 AM: The pretty blue styling should be back up and happy. You still need to access my blog via, not, until later in the month.