Saturday, September 10, 2005

Strange Argument at Gas Station

Asiago cheese dip and triple chocolate stout cheesecake. Mmm!

We didn't finish packing up our cars until 8 o'clock in the evening, then we had dinner at Rock Bottom one last time. Cheese dip and cheese cake, mmm! Oh yeah, and a Caesar salad to keep up appearances. ;) So anyhow, we didn't actually start driving south until around 9:30. Ick, I says.

Near midnight we stopped at a gas station for snacks. (Forrest bought an entire 12-pack of that apple gum he likes so much.) At this gas station, a man and two women in a van were having an argument. The guy snapped something along the lines of "I'm not going anywhere" to the women. Then the women unloaded their suitcases and walked away down the road with them. Mind you, this is midnight that these two women are wandering off. The man (who indeed did not go anywhere from the driver's seat) just sat there, looking pissed. A few minutes later the women returned and got back in the van. Coincidentally, a cop car pulled into the gas station while all this was going on, but they just seemed to be there for the coffee and donuts. Dunno what the people's fight was all about, but it sure looked weird from a third party's perspective.

Update, 9/29 2:20 AM: Forrest finally gave me the photos off his cameraphone. This picture now exists; expect new posts of photographed summer exploits in the near future.

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Aaron *@ said...

Yeah, good call on Rock Bottom. I went to the San Diego one on Saturday; t'was pretty good.