Monday, September 11, 2006

Analyzing My Blog

Posting Frequency

Posting Frequency to My Blog

So, err, my bad? Note that there is no comforting horizontal line at the "1 post a day" mark on the y-axis. I had no idea my posting was that erractic.

Post Topics

Post Topics on My Blog

When I asked what topics you wanted to see more of, that list was the topics I'd like to write more about. Those topics are highlighted in darker blue in the graph. As you can see, I've been lousy about actually blogging the things I'm most interested in. After travel, random links-from-cyberspace style posts have been my post common topic. :(

I want to to clean up my categorization: combine programming with work, blog with internet, writing with NaNoWriMo. But most importantly, I want to focus my writing on the topics I'm actually interested in. And continue writing about my life and the crazy antics of my friends, of course. No blog is complete without "look what my friends did last night!" posts, right? :)

Top Commenters

Commenters on My Blog

Finally, just for fun, I tallied up how many comments my readers have left. Boyfriends past and present, you are sad commenters!

It amuses me that, after me replying to comments, my own mother is my most frequent commenter. Consider this in light of the Blogger help topic "What to do if your Mom discovers your blog". Let's go through each of Blogger's suggestions for hiding my blog from my mom. I already use a pseudonym that's unambiguously me through the entire worldwide web, which my mom has been aware of since the creation of "Arthaey." I already write some multi-lingual posts -- but she can sorta read Spanish, and Google is always at the ready with its amusing translations. Blogger's suggestion of adding a "nomom" subdomain is just silly for my Computer Science graduate mother; the word "subdomain" does not frighten her in the least. I disagree with censorship in general, so that suggestion's out too. Adding a "this blog is just fiction" disclaimer also doesn't jibe with my intent, and I don't want to remove my blog's listing from Google. So Blogger, you have no suggestions I'm willing to do that would actually keep my mom from reading my blog! Of course, since I've finally convinced her to sign up for Bloglines, I don't think keeping her from reading my blog is actually one of my goals. ;)