Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Appliance Day, Etc

Today was appliance day. Also, International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But mostly I spent my time doing appliancy things.

Forrest and I are without a refrigerator at the moment, due to some miscommunications that left the fridge without power for part of the summer and allowed some old food to rot to the point of maggots. Needless to say, the fridge smells unimaginably rank (or so Forrest tells me), and we need to replace the damn thing. In the meantime, we were considering getting a mini fridge, which we'd later use in the upstairs bedroom-loft just for drinks and such. Eventually, though, we decided against plopping down $70-plus and will just store any food we need to in an ice chest until the real fridge is replaced.

We also need a microwave, since Tim ran off with the old one. We ended up in the Paso Target, where we picked up a decent microwave. The cheapest one also came with an iPod AM/FM docking station -- we figured, if the microwave needed to attach itself to the iPod brand to compete, we probably didn't want it.

Before we'd gone up to Target, we'd stopped by the SLO Goodwill to look at their mattresses. (My old queen mattress got moldy in the under-the-house temporary apartment I'd been living in last year. :( ) Goodwill's prices are by far the lowest -- $200 for mattress, box springs, and frame -- but the quality of their mattresses is similarly low. Costco's full mattresses are over $400, though, which is a hefty jump in cost. And they don't even seem to carry queen mattresses, the size we really want. We're still debating what to do, but we'll probably give Freecycle a shot for a while and see if we can't get a $0 mattress that's better than Goodwill's.

Back in Paso, we were hungry after Target. We drove past this restaurant, A Touch of Mexico, while driving through Templeton and decided to give it a shot. Service was medicore: we almost left right at the start, because no one had given Forrest a menu or water or a greeting by the time I got out of the bathroom, and it was nearly impossible to catch the waiters' eyes to get refills on our drinks. Nevertheless, the food was excellent and I wouldn't mind eating there again... next time I'm in Templeton, that is. :P

After we finished eating, I dropped Forrest off at CustomFlix and went downtown. I went into Starbucks to get a mocha and either find some free internet or watch Stargate. A group of knitters had commandeered the center of the Starbucks; I stopped and asked the nearest one if they were a knitting club or something. Turns out, the girl I asked was Felicia, a fellow Cal Poly student who took Japanese 101 with me two years ago. She said that yes, they were a knitting group that met there every Tuesday at 7 PM. I told her that I'd done a little bit of knitting a while ago, as had my boyfriend (who she knows as well as she knows me, heh, from Japanese class), and that I'd gotten my sister hooked on knitting. She invited me and Forrest to join them next week if we wanted. It could be fun. :)

No free internet was to be had at Starbucks, so I just ended up watching three episodes of Stargate. Afterward, I called up Forrest to see if he was ready to come home. He still had some work to do, so I went over there to play around on my (sadly internetless) laptop some more. Wrote this post, for example.

Tomorrow, the unpacking begins in earnest. Ugh.



Lisa R said...

"Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican girl."

Lisa R said...

Join the knitters! You know you want to. Can you not hear the calling of the yarn and the needles?

Join the Dark Si-- I mean, the knitters!

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

pictures! we want pictures of this thoroughly disgusting refrigerator! something that we can all look back and mock you with.

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

doggone it! I HATE it when Blogger makes me a Fake Name! I refuse to be fake!

Arthaey Angosii said...

Dear Fake-ish Pirate,

While we appreciate your interest in our disgustingly rotten refrigerator, we regret to inform you that unless you are agreeing to pay for the therapy resulting from opening said fridge, we will be unable to provide you with photographic documentation.


staticfoo said...

I'll take the pictures if there's a demand for them. My morbid curiosity demands that I see this Guilt-God forming fridge.

Though it might be best to wait until after it is out of your apartment.

Arthaey Angosii said...

Hey, Alyn! (How do you spell your nickname? Just Aly?) Nice to see ya around. Do you still have a blog? My links are dead-ends. :(

Alyn wrote: you went to starbucks?

Didn't know of Uptown or Rudolf's. Linnea's is okay, but they're frequently loud when they have live bands and such, and they're not always open later than Starbucks on weekdays. Can't say that I prefer the taste of their mochas, either -- best mochas were over the summer, at Borders Cafe of all places, because they added in Kahlua flavoring. :P

The big deciding factor in going to the Starbucks, though, was that it's open until 11:30 and it's right next to Barnes & Noble, where I spend an inordinate amount of my free time. :)

Alyn continued: has forrest's food snobbery utterly diminished?

Nope, don't think so. But you'll note that I went to Starbucks after dropping Forrest off at work. Thus its being open later than B&N and being next to B&N were the relevant factors, not Forrest's personal preferences.