Friday, September 22, 2006

Unpacking the Apartment, and a House Guest

Unpacking the Apartment, 9/20 20h

Over at my Flickr page, you can currently see my progress at unpacking the apartment. Not all the moved boxes are unpacked; some had to be deferred, either waiting on their containing furniture to be set up or waiting on Forrest to go through his own things that I don't know what to do with.

Since, as you can see, most of the living room is now cleared out, I'll be spending today digging out the kitchen. Tomorrow will most likely be Hallway Cleaning Day.

Despite the messy state of our apartment currently, we will be entertaining a house guest tonight. Jerry, being the incredibly talented slacker and/or amazingly inept apartment hunter that he is, has no place to stay even though he is driving in to SLO as we speak. (As we type? Read? Hrm, asynchronous written content doesn't work well with that turn of phrase. :P ) He called me the other day to ask if we could put him up for a bit. He thinks he's too good for sleeping beside the railroad tracks, apparently; he wants to sleep with a roof over his head... next to the railroad tracks. Oh well.

Lucky for Jerry, we set the couch horizontally yesterday and cleared the floor space to get to the couch. (Unlike when he called.)



John Cowan said...

"Even as I type"?

staticfoo said...

I must be talented, because if that was slacking, it was unintentional.