Monday, September 11, 2006

Cat-Fish and Moose

Cat-Fish and Moose

My sister asked me for a NaNoWriMo idea. This was my suggestion, in drawing form.

Thing 1: I need a nanowrimo idea!
Arthaey: moose!
Arthaey: and...
Arthaey: goldfish!
Thing 1: :/
Arthaey: moose wants to eat goldfish. goldfish doesn't want to be eaten. They
         stare at each other through the fishbowl. A tumbleweed drifts
         between them! Cue dramatic showdown music...
Thing 1: no ideas?
Arthaey: *pout*
Arthaey: that was fantastic, what are you TALKING about?
Thing 1: rofl
Arthaey: :P
Thing 1: you can make that 50,000 words? ;)
Arthaey: oh, you can draw out gun fight scenes indefinitely
Arthaey: :)
Thing 1: XD
Arthaey: especially if you throw in the side plot about the goldfish's affair
         with the tomcat from the bar that's the moose's bar's primary competitor
Thing 1: harr

Then I drew up an illustration for her NaNo story's cover, ready for its inevitable publication. I just can't understand her reluctance at my brilliant suggestion...

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Lisa R said...

The goldfish is female? ...I completely missed that.

Arthaey Angosii said...

Well, I did say the goldfish was having an affair with the tomcat... But if you prefer the homosexual relationship -- very taboo in Old West Moosetown! -- there's a story there too, I'm sure. :)