Tuesday, September 5, 2006

What Topics Are You Most Interested In Reading About?

If I were to devote myself more to my blog, what topics would you be most interested in reading about? What topics have you most enjoyed in the past? When you check this site, what do you hope I'll have written about?

Brainstorming about things I have written about that I could write more about:

  • daily goings-on
  • life after college
  • the Internet
  • programming
  • book reviews
  • conlanging
  • linguistics

Or you might be interested in learning along with me, a beginner in:

  • personal finance
  • learning languages
  • personal development
  • health and fitness
  • drawing
  • writing

I'd really appreciate if your readers out there could respond, either via comments or email, whichever you prefer. Thanks!

Update, 8:42 PM: Additionally, it'd be useful to know what other sites you visit regularly. What RSS feeds do you subscribe to, if you're into that sort of thing?



John Cowan said...

The main thing is, write more! Any topic will do.

You can snarf my RSS subscriptions here in OPML format -- most newsreaders understand it.