Friday, October 21, 2005

Googling Needs

As told to me by my mom, the latest internet meme is googling your first name and "needs" to see what turns up, as blogged about here. So the first ten eleven unique and sensible hits for my name plus "needs" (searched in quotes, natch), are:

  1. I need to collect secretary materials. (Ghit #2)
  2. I need a sanctuary, periodic retreat from the world and long luxurious baths. (Ghit #6)
  3. I need to integrate spiritual energy. (Ghit #6)
  4. I need to free the yolk of Dad's legacy and deal with my sadness at his absence. (Ghit #7)
  5. I need an editor's report. (Ghit #8)
  6. I need to loosen up. (Ghit #9)
  7. I need to grow up and become a woman. (Ghit #10))
  8. I need to be brought down to [earth, presumably]. (Ghit #11)
  9. I need to be near and serve NUMH [Nyadire United Methodist Hospital]. (Ghit #15)
  10. I need a husband. But only temporarily. — Or so I thought. (Ghit #16)
  11. I need to plan ahead so I will know whether or not I will have enough cash available when I need it. (Ghit #17)

Another Catherine has needs, too. This really, really reminds me of reading horoscopes, in that you can generally make any vague enough statement apply to you, if you look for the angle that makes it work. Amusing, at any rate. :)

Update, 1:03 AM: I had meant to do only the top ten results, but I accidentally put in an extra one. But because it fits me so well, I'm leaving it there.

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Forrest said...

I did that too. It came up with a kid named Forrest, born on the 23rd of August, who got cancer when he was 18 months, survived, then got it again and died when he was 7. Quite a damper on the old spirit. So, I don't think I'll be posting.

Joseph said...

LiveJournal of DOOM!

The October 9th Post. Evidently I'm an orphan/foster child of sorts.