Friday, October 28, 2005

No Rob Here

So me, Forrest, Aaron, and Jerry are sitting in the living room of their apartment, each with our laptops out, doing our normally computery thing. It's one o'clock in the morning. We're not expecting any guests.

The front door suddenly opens and in barge two guys in rubber halloween masks. They are holding two beers each, loudly demanding, "Where's Rob?" We all look up and just stare at this very strange occurance in our living room. The other roommate who lives here is named Dan, not Rob, and none of us would normally associate with the type of people these strangers seemed to be.

"There's no Rob here," we told them, although they really didn't want to believe us. They repeatedly asked for Rob, in between commenting on the fact that we had a lot of computers in the room (there is currently a total of five plus an empty case, for the record). Forrest once explicitly asked them to leave, but they ignored him. We finally managed to convince them, after perhaps three minutes or so, that Rob really didn't live here. We suggested they try next door, where the other partying drunks live, and they eventually left.

As soon as the door closed behind them, we all busted up laughing at the weirdness that had just transpired. Our window was open, so I saw the two guys take off their masks and laugh at each other outside — this makes me think that it was supposed to be a prank, but what kind of prank is mutual, where both parties feel that the other was the idiot? An unsuccessful one, methinks, or a really weird one.

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