Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jewelry Casting Class, Week 2

I brought my camera to my jewelry casting class today, so you all can see what it is I'm doing there. This is my project, currently still in wax. I'm holding it by the sprue, which is how the molten metal will get into the void left by the melted wax.

So I made that tree last week. This week, I wanted to do a little bit more stuff. I initially tried making one large blossom — a malformed rose or something — but the wax ended up weighing too much. I tried hollowing it out to make it weigh less, but I couldn't shave off enough weight to get under the 60-pennyweight limit that the final metal piece must meet. So I scrapped the large flower and went with a bunch a little ones, which are trying to imitate these Hawaiian Plumeria flowers that I've seen for sale commercially. I don't know whether I'll actually be able to attach them to anything, but it seemed like a decent enough thing to make when I was otherwise out of ideas.

Another girl in my class, Allison, saw my Hawaiian flowers and liked the idea of making a bunh of little flowers. So she made some trumpet-shaped flowers for herself. She thinks she's going to leave the sprues on them as stems and make them into a sort of bouquet.

At the beginning of this week, when I went in to take the pictures of my tree, I noticed this guy sitting on top of a shelf. Can you deny the familial resemblance between him and His Noodliness? If FSM were to spawn a draconic offspring, it would look like this.

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