Monday, October 31, 2005

Strongly Typed Women

So we're all up late doing our databases lab, griping about how much pointless busywork this class unfortunately is. Forrest was additionally griping about how much he hates Java, especially as compared to C#. While the subject of other languages was up, Jerry said that he liked Perl (he "just [didn't] know it yet"). Forrest, not so much the Perl monger either, declared forcefully:

I like my languages like I like my women: strongly typed.

After the initial, raucous WTF-mate laughter died down, Forrest tried to justify himself. "What about transvestites? Couldn't they be weakly typed women?" You do have to give him that.

Soon thereafter, Aaron announced that he was finally going to sleep. Forrest quipped, "Go off to your weakly typed women," in keeping with a running Firefly gag. So Aaron grabbed for Dominique. ;) It is so time for sleep! We are waaaay too tired right now.

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