Thursday, October 20, 2005

Picasso Poster & Horchata Bundt

A belated gift: someone's presentation board, thrown into the trash, which we resurrected, beat into a pulp, and presented to Aaron. See Aaron be pleased.

Forrest and Jerry smacked this poor poster against just about everything on the way back to the apartment from the CSL. Pieces got torn out and reattached, so that it was like a Picasso poster by the time we gave it to Aaron. It's still sitting next to his chair in the living room right now; wonder what he'll do with it?

Forrest's first attempt at homemade horchata included this pastey, bundt cake–shaped stage.

Can't say's I've ever had horchata I liked... Granted, I've only tried it once, so it could have been that the brand just wasn't that great. But there's something weird about rice, water, and spices. But the rest of Them like horchata, so maybe I'll give Forrest's batch another shot if they all think his version's any good.

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