Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Café Del Jardín

La Chica de Ipanema Band

OI this band at el Café Del Jardín is LOUD. I moved to the far side of the café just so my ears wouldn't hurt. I still have to talk loudly for the mesera to hear me.

One guidebook recommended the resturant on the balcony about Del Jardín, que se llama Asador Vasco. But it's pretty pricey — nothing less than US$12 — so I don't think I'll be eating there.

Just saw Colinne (formerly known as Colín) and Nina walk by, but too quickly to call out without chasing after them. Wonder what they're up to. Ojalá que Colinne olvide mi cumpleaños el jueves. She said last Wednesday when we were at La Casa de Mezcal that she was going to get me trashed for my birthday. I told her "heh" and explained that I don't do drunk, but she didn't feel like believing me. But I'm more than willing to refuse extra drinks, even to the point of being rude, so bring it. ;)

Mmm, café americano con Bailey's y una cucharada de azucar. Small coffee mug, but only US$1.40, so it's all good. Mmm, I say.

Dude! The band is playing The Girl from Ipanema! Only, they call it La Chica de Ipanema aquí. Go figure. ;) Sweet. I tried to take a video from my table for the sound, but I have no idea if it'll turn out at all. But seriously, this is awesome. Picture sitting at an outdoor café table, it's a beautiful clear night, sipping coffee and Bailey's, while listening to The Girl from Ipanema as played by a bamboo xylophone and bongo drums. Sweet, I tells ya.