Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Uneventful Evening

I ended up making hot chocolate and sitting with Sofí in the kitchen, drinking and not really paying attention to the TV. Luís came into the kitchen to make himself and a guest some drinks. I mentioned that my dad also drinks whiskey and ice in the evenings sometimes. He offered me some, too, so I had a small glass.

Since I really wasn't watching the TV, I gave up and grabbed my book, which I haven't read for several days. I sat in one of the chairs around the courtyard and read for a bit, then went back to my room.

I looked over the photos I've taken — I added three of myself just today. After counting my photos this morning and discovering that only 12/199 contained me, I've started trying harder to be in my own photos. I took two on auto-timer, and María Elena also took one of me on the school roof, with Monte Albán just barely visible in the background.

It's weird that, since about the third day that I've been here, I've woken up just before my alarm. Doesn't matter that I've set it for different times, or that during the days it's just an hour or two's siesta. Once it was only two minutes ahead of the alarm. The alarm itself has only gone off the times I decided to just stay cozy until the appointed time. I wonder why I'm waking up like this, so consistently? It never happens at home. Then again, I never go to sleep before midnight at home.