Thursday, December 1, 2005

Simpsons-esque Name

The girl at the front desk of Mustang brought out this package for the apartment and said, I kid you not, "I have a package for... Heywood Djablome." Poor girl; we could have died laughing.

See, a while back The Gang was filling water balloons and condoms up with butane and exploding them outside. So they ordered some free samples from Trojan and had them mailed to them. Naturally, they felt the need to sign up as, uh... humorous names. The samples have just now arrived, complete with unaltered bogus names.

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John Cowan said...

My wife and her then-boyfriend, some thirty years ago, used to order free samples under the name of George Metesky. Nobody ever caught on.

Later, the boyfriend actually doctored up a press pass for a nonexistent newspaper using G. Metesky as a name. Nobody ever caught on to that either.

What can I tell ya. Just another couple of Yippies.