Monday, December 19, 2005

Waking Up Early

Yummy Mocha

Aha! It does get chilly in Oaxaca! You just have to be up at 6:30 in the morning to tell. :( I woke up from dreaming about what I was going to do this summer and then started thinking about it. Mistake. A half hour later, I still couldn't fall back asleep.

I heard voiced out in the courtyard, which meant Ann must be up and getting ready to go pick up her visitors from the airport. So I put on my sweatshirt and wandered over to the dining room. Silvia was surprised to see me — "me too" was the gist of my response.

I tried Ann's té de manzanilla. It's a very weak tea, but it's okay with one sugar bag. We talked a little about how Ann had run her software company back when she was a manager. Company policy was to never work more than 40-hour weeks, with the exception of just one week before deliverables. Their deliverables were "due" to QA already debugged and well ahead of the hard deadline, so QA would have enough time to do their job. We also thought it'd be pretty cool to allow for siestas — we both remembered reading about productivity increasing when you're well-rested (including naps, not just a good night's sleep).

No Parking, They Say

Then Ann's taxi-van was here, and she was off. It's currently 7:05 here, and I don't know what to do with myself. I doubt I can easily find an open bakery or café. Although, I just asked Silvia, and she thinks La Luna bakery could be open, or cafés around the zócalo. So maybe I'll wander down there and finish mi tarea, which consists of reading a short story , writing a summary, and commenting on what I liked and disliked. It's a good story: Una Semana de Siete Días de la puertorriqueña Magali García Ramis.