Saturday, January 30, 2010

Company Ski; PS, Gallstones

I'm going to bed in Leavenworth tonight: All my coworkers and their spouses/girlfriends are here for a company ski trip. Will write more later. And by the way, I have gallstones that'll probably require surgery. Most on that later, too.


John Cowan said...

Bummer about the gallstones. Make sure your doctors consider lithotripsy (breaking up the stones with heavy-duty ultrasound) as an alternative; about 15% of patients are good candidates for it. My mother-in-law had this procedure very successfully at a time when she was on blood thinners and surgery would have been a bad risk. Not all hospitals are equipped to do it, so you may have to shop around. I mention this because although removing your gall bladder is obviously going to work every time as far as eliminating gallstones (obviously), it can also have very bad chronic side effects in some people.

When I saw your reference to Leavenworth, I at first thought you were doing an Elvis. Pretty flat in Kansas for skiing, though.