Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Genmai Cha


My coworkers drink coffee. A lot of coffeee No, you don't understand what I mean. At a minimum, they walk a few blocks to buy cups of coffee 3 times per day. Now, I like coffee. It's possible that I like it too much. :) But the level of my coworkers' coffee-drinking… oi!

I don't want to drink 3 coffees (or mochas, actually) for, hehe, 3 reasons: it's an expensive habit, it's a lot of calories, and it's a lot of caffeine. Because of this, I've bought genmai cha*, a type of Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice. It's a loose-leaf tea, so I also bought an infuser. How cute, no? And, why is the strawberry orange? That's a good question. :)


Mis compañeros de trabajo beben café. Mucho café. No, no entiendes lo que quiero decir. A un mínimo, ellos andan unas cuadras para comprar tazas de café 3 veces cada día. Bueno, me gusta el café. Es posible que me gusta demasiado. :) Pero el nivel de beber café de mis compañeros… ¡ay!

No quiero beber 3 cafés (o mocas, en realidad) por, jeje, 3 razones: es un hábito caro, son muchas calorías, y es mucha cafeína. Por eso, he comprado genmai cha*, un tipo de té verde japonés con arroz integral tostado. Es un té de anillas, así que también compré un infusor. Qué precioso, ¿no? Y, ¿por qué es anaranjada esta fresa? Ésa es una buena pregunta. :)

* I usually mispronounce "genmai cha" as [ʤɛn mɑi ʧɑi], like I've got some vowel harmony going on or something. :P (It should actually be pronounced something like [ɡɛn mɑi ʧɑ], if you were trying to follow the Japanese pronounciation (while still speaking in English).


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I looooooooooooove Genmai Cha tea! It's one of my favorite green teas. I kinda think of it as Rice Krispies tea. :-)

A thought about infusers: the point is let the loose tea have maximum exposure to the hot water, ergo, in this case, size does matter. Bigger is better. :-)

You defeat the purpose if your infuser has itty-bitty living space (to quote the Genie), even if it is a cute orange strawberry one, because the space inside is so crowded. :-)

Sooo ... paraphrasing Moses, "Let my tea leaves go"!

Arthaey Angosii said...

I really hate the texture of the loose leaves floating around in my tea while I try to drink it, so I don't want to let 'em go. ;) Besides, this infuser seems to do the job just fine — I'm enjoying the genmai cha, so it must, um, infuse well enough. :)