Sunday, February 6, 2011


Jerry and I took our friends Ben and Paul cross-country skiing for their first time today. ... While it turned out better (as measured in collection number of falls and frustration vs fun) than our attempt at sharing downhill skiing with them two weeks ago, neither of them exactly said they were planning to go again on their own. I wish it could have magically been more fun for them, but Jerry and I aren't exactly professional ski instructors. :/

For my personal skiing experience, though, I'm pleased to say that it is "just like riding a bike." With the exception of the Jambool ski trip, I didn't go skiing at all last year. The year before that was my first year skiing. So I don't have a lot of experience yet.

One thing I hate, skiing or elsewhere, is adrenaline. I'm the opposite of an adrenaline junkie. So I dislike hills that are too steep for my current skill level to be able to control my speed sufficiently. This meant that a lot of the times that Forrest convinced me to go downhill skiing with him that first year, I was freaking out, flooding with adrenaline, wanting to be somewhere safe and slow.

This year, though, I have just enough technique to control my speed on beginner terrain. I actually found myself enjoying it, which definitely pleased Forrest (since he's been wanting me to get into it and go with him more often). I still enjoyed cross-country better, but I foresee Tahoe ski trips in our future. :P

Update: Turns out that Ben enjoyed the cross-country skiing more than I had thought. He asked us if we wanted to go skiing again this weekend! Wootles. So we're going to take him to Leavenworth this time, where we can enjoy some bratwurst and beer for lunch. :)