Saturday, February 26, 2011

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What I had to say

  • I am a book-vulture, feasting upon the corpse of the Los Gatos Borders. So sad. [ 3:08 PM]

Conversations I participated in

  • @I said: @purabuenaonda ¿Son tus preguntas para empezar una conversación o práctica de charlar en español? #es [11:00 AM]
  • @benpop said: Frex, the canonical pronunciation of "rang" the vowel is the one in "ban", but for me it's the one in "rain". #ling [ 1:25 PM]
  • @I said: @benpop same here. I have a Californian accent (SF Bay Area). Where is your accent from? #ling [ 1:55 PM]


John Cowan said...

Do you also use the FLEECE vowel in king?

Arthaey Angosii said...

Yup, [kiŋ]. What do people without the raising say, [kɪŋ]? I also say "thanks" as [θɛŋks] or maybe even [θeŋks] sometimes.

John Cowan said...

What do people without the raising say, [kɪŋ]?

That's what I say. I only discovered the existence of [kiŋ] from this Conlang message, a response by Nik Taylor to my earlier message about "steenkeeng badges". There's never any phonemic opposition between KIT and FLEECE before /ŋ/, so the change from historic KIT to FLEECE doesn't induce any restructuring.