Monday, February 28, 2011

HealthMonth Rules for March

Tomorrow starts a new month, which means new rules for HealthMonth. My friend Ben (who got me into HealthMonth) will continue to participate, and I talked my middle sister into trying it out with me too!

I'm keeping all my February rules except one ("track meals every day" — because HealthMonth requires typing in the foods eaten, which was annoying duplication of effort with my calorie-tracking that I already do via Lose It). I'm keeping my exercise rule the same, increasing my German-studying rule from 4 to 5 days a week, and no longer allowing myself to count "stay below calorie limit" if I encroach into the 500-calorie-per-day deficit I need to lose weight. Finally, I'm keeping my writing rule, but lowering from the far-too-ambitious daily goal to just 3 days a week. Hopefully I can actually manage that one with a little effort (as opposed to losing tons of health points over it — evidence that I over-committed).

In addition to those February rules that I'm carrying over, I'm adding several new ones: floss every day, get up earlier, limit snacking, volunteer, and work on conlanging or personal programming projects.

Since there's no iPhone app for HealthMonth (yet), I made myself a lockscreen wallpaper to remind me of March's new rules. The red "badge" numbers mean the number of days a week I'm supposed to follow the rule.

The icons stand for the following rules:

  1. floss 6 days per week [source]
  2. stay under my weight-loss calorie limit 6 days per week [source]
  3. exercise 5 days per week [source?]
  4. study German 5 days per week [source]
  5. get up before 10 AM 4 days per week [source]
  6. snack only 4 days per week [source]
  7. write 3 days per week [source]
  8. eat fruit 3 days per week [source?]
  9. do household chores 2 days per week [source]
  10. volunteer 1 day per week [source]
  11. program or conlang 1 day per week [source & ?]