Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sleep Talking: Take Your Hub Back

When I was growing up, my younger sister Lisa and I shared a bedroom. Every so often, she'd wake up in the middle of the night, say something completely random and off the wall, then go right back to sleep. (“I don’t drink gin” coming from elementary-school Lisa is a classic.) Of course these outbursts mean nothing, but I am amused by the statements' absurdity.

So I woke up this morning at 6:30 for no good reason. I was hoping to fall back asleep but too awake to just lie there, so I picked my iPhone up off the nightstand and started reading in bed. After half an hour so, Forrest suddenly wakes up, and we have this exchange:

  • [Him] Why?
  • [Me] I didn’t respond, hoping he would go back to sleep.
  • [Him] Hub.
  • [Me] Still staying quiet.
  • [Him] Did you say something?
  • [Me] This time he’s more “awake” and clearly expecting an amswer. No, I didn’t say anything.
  • [Him] Can you at least take your hub back?
  • [Me] I… I don’t understand.
  • [Him] Take this hub [he tugs on my pillow] of gunk.
  • [Me] What is this, I don’t even..?

And then he went back to sleep. :)


John Cowan said...

I have while three-fifths asleep tried to snatch my sleeping wife Gale's pillow from under her head, under the assumption that it was mine, all the while mine was in fact on the floor next to me.

When she talks in her sleep it tends to be distinctive, authoritative, and memorable, like "The difficulty of the situation means that our undertakings are improper, simply improper." (I made this one up, but it gives you the flavor.)