Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's Tweets

  • RT @OHnewsroom: Copy Editor: "Knock knock." Photo Editor: "Who's there?" Copy Editor: "To." Photo Editor: "To who?" Copy Editor: "To WHOM!" [ 9:47 AM]
  • @DoubleTranslate 1) Hilfst du Ihnen heute Abend? 2) Das ist uns gut gelungen 3) Wir geben euch später das Geld 4) Ich gefalle ihm nicht##de [ 9:50 AM]
  • @DoubleTranslate That's two pronoun case mistakes now. Time to actually study them! :) #de [11:17 AM]
  • You should ignore short-term weight fluctuations... unless it's in the downward direction, in which case it's definitely a trend. [12:44 PM]
  • Dear German: What's up with "y'all" nominative being the same as "she" dative? Not cool. [ 2:13 PM]